Laurent Henocque

This is Laurent Henocque's personal blog. I am using 16VjbGbn6oDmcAbeZFmdeZu6Vj9ekSaBSA as my public KeeeX identity.

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Who am i?

You are on Laurent Henocque's home page. I am the founder and CEO of KeeeX, a project born from considerations relative to data integrity and linking in the semantic web. Formerly a lecturer/researcher in computer science, consultant, expert in constraint programming and applications, in configuration, man machine interfaces, natural language processing, the semantic web. I am also a husband and the father of two sons, a little photographer and kiter.

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Last update: Friday, December 23 2016

Breaking news

New course : MMI - Javastates - ISL


New course : Initiation to Web Technologies

This course in french currently covers HTML, CSS, Javascript....

Le cours de Programmation Objet Java version 2012-2013 est en ligne

Le cours de Programmation Objet Java version 2012-2013 est en ligne....


KeeeX takes French Blockchain Technology to CES17

I am proud to announce that the KeeeX team has achieved a tremendous year 2016 by taking us all to CES17 Las Vegas. Come meet us there at Eureka Park, booth 51655 We will showcase our amazing fully operational blockchain solutions there: Photo

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Trust 3.0

Addressing the content chaos with KeeeX

This post highlights the unique contribution of KeeeX to solving the content chaos issue, hence materializing the tremendous ROI and productivity that can be expected from eliminating its consequences, know as the knowledge work deficit. This can be

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Man Machine Interfaces

Understand the main paradigms of man machine interfaces. Learn to specify man machine interfaces using UML2 state diagrams, or the ISL language, and Javastates.

The project's main page Javastates

Download Javastates on

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Easy setup of wifi 802.1X connection to eduroam under mac OSX lion

This post explains how to use the iPCU software to create an 802.1X connection to eduroam (french site) for researchers, lecturers and strudents who use mac osx lion. A template configuration file is offered for download.

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Use and understand Javastates

This course presents an initiation to the JavaStates technology for efficiently creating bug free man machine interfaces. The course also covers general notions about the specification of man machine interfaces as well as best practises.

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My list of publications is available  on the LSIS web site. Also for a limited time on my previous personal pages.

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Javastates English Lecture Notes

A course about Javastates in english

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The world as it is

Socialize, yes, but Capitalize!

The internet today goes fast, very fast, and many spend a huge amount of their lifetime in sharing. But shouldn't we go more on the sesfish side?

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Web Design

On the Micro Economy of Reading, Sharing, Creating, or SEO for the masses

If participating in social networking sites is pure leasure, then you may not be interested in reading this. If ever you would expect your online activity to generate a long term value, then maybe readon.

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The amazing power of the Javascript language in a one page script

Dynamically extending the Object prototype to implement watch/unwatch: being informed when a property changes.

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