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This is Laurent Henocque's personal blog. I am using 16VjbGbn6oDmcAbeZFmdeZu6Vj9ekSaBSA as my public KeeeX identity.

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Easy setup of wifi 802.1X connection to eduroam under mac OSX lion

This post explains how to use the iPCU software to create an 802.1X connection to eduroam (french site) for researchers, lecturers and strudents who use mac osx lion. A template configuration file is offered for download.

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ID3A - Invariant Driven Design & Development using Assert

The quest of coding productivity through lightweight unit testing and test driven design. A new book is availaible in Kindle format.

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Bitcasa is NOT secure, prefer Wuala

Bitcasa, and Wuala seem to offer the same kind of encryption (convergent encryption on the source) hence the same level of privacy, at different prices. The presence of a web portal to bitcasa generates a significant leak of security.

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Why Wuala beats your file system

Wuala protects your data by encryption, redundancy, versioning. It saves both space and bandwidth when duplicates are found, which greatly eases the decision for backups. It also accepts searchable metadata and comments.

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Test dossiers publics sur le cloud

Comme le titre l’indique...

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Why Wuala is better than email

Several properties of the wuala system make it a better tool than email for collaborative work.

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Intialize an encrypted USB disk using TrueCrypt

This details the steps involved in initializing a USB key or Disk using TrueCrypt and its various security options. Once set, your key will easily host a portable Firefox version or Thunderbird, and all your most precious data.

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TrueCrypt pour la protection des données et la mobilité

truecrypt.pngTrueCrypt est un outil permettant de créer un volume crypté dans un fichier. Ce fichier peut être crypté à deux niveaux, et placé sur un disque amovible. Il est ensuite accessible de manière transparente une fois monté. Les récentes affaires de vols d’ordinateurs de journalistes suggèrent de généraliser l’utilisation de ces outils.

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On QR Codes

QR Codes are a powerful means of using image recognition to automate some forms of information exchange. This post groups some information on the subject.


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Page d'accueil de Wuala

Wuala is a social network and mobility solution organized around the notion of files and folders, that offers amazing possibilities in collaborative work.

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