I have a PHD in mathematics and computer science from the University of Marseille defended in 1989. The title was "a logic for discourse" ("Un modèle logique pour le traitement de discours"). My director was Alain Colmerauer (here too). I am now an associate professor


This section presents serveral aspects of my activity.

The group 'Configuration de Marseille'

I created and lead within the InCA team the groupe de recherche en Configuration de Marseille. This group studies algorithms for constraint based configuration, and applications of this technique, specially to artificial intelligence problems: natural language processing and semantic web service composition.


I'm a member of the board of the Association Française de Programmation par Contraintes (AFPC). I organised the conference JNPC2000, and chaired the program commitee of JFPC06.

Organisation, présidence de conférences

I modestly contributed to the life of our resarch community, by organising and chairing the above french (francophone) conferences, and also by being the program chair of AISC02.


I have actively contributed to the Semantic Annotations for WSDL Working Group (SAWSDL) of the W3C.


I have participated in the intergrated EU project 'Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services' (DIP). I am also a CORDIS expert for the EU project WS-Diamond.

Research fields

Constraint based configuration

Constraint based configuration is a variant of finite model search for first order theories that can be formalised as constrained object models. Configuration is often perceived solely as a technique useful to the industry, but we have proved feasible its application to several difficult artificial intelligence (AI) problems. Our group used this technique to address the semantical analysis of simple descriptive texts (Mathieu Estratat's Phd) and to compose semantic web services. A significant part of our recent publications is devoted to this topic. All the publications.

Semantic web service composition

This difficult problem has become popular because of the emerging semantic web. We study the construction of workflows using configuration techniques. Browse relevant publications.

Isomorphism elimination at first order

Finite model search fights the problem of symmetry elimination. I have dealt with this issue in equational theories, then more recently in constraint based configuration. Browse relevant publications.

Natural language parsing and analysis

Natural language processing is the archetype of AI problems. Indeed, understanding language requires "intelligence" in its generality. I have been involved in this since my Phd, and we now address this problem using configuration. Browse relevant publications.