Experimental web applications.


The Darckr Flickr Viewer is a webapp and a mashup based upon the flickr web rest apis. Darckr allows to view Flickr content and helps in social life and picture management, by posting comments, or editing photo parameters. For me, Darckr is an experimental platform to study the web2 languages. Working is easier in beautiful surroundings... Darckr uses ajax for continuous page preloading and streaming (here my own pictures sorted by interestingness according to Flickr), and the mootools javascript api.

The originality of Darckr is that the end user can freely customize his preferred viewing settings and save them on demand in cookies. Ironically, this free software has become the mostly used of my programs ever, with more than 3000 thousand users of the full functionality, several thousand pages viewed per day, and some 70000 api calls per day. Still rising :-).

Darckr uses Ajax to interact with one's flickr account in ways not offered by the flickr web site itself.

Galerie Facile

Initially created to study dynamic web site creation, Galerie Facile is a php program free to download and install. Galerie Facile is innovative in that it offers self installing and updating. The webmaster only requires to ftp once! The program of course requires that php can write and create files locally. This is possible for instance on free.fr

The configuration group

The site for the Groupe de Configuration de Marseille (and the site you're viewing as well) uses a content management system allowing powerful tagging and cross reference indexes without a database.

Personal home pages

Michèle Fernandez

Michèle Fernandez, my wife and the mother of my two boys, is a great musician: author, compositor and singer. The site offers listening to mp3 versions of albums of her two CD albums.

My previous site

Here I use several powerful javascript libraries, like mootools (see the photo page), and my cms (see the research page)

Social Web

Ning allows for creating communities in a few clicks. The visual content can be adapted by object embedding.

Kiters of Marseille

A Ning community for a passion and friends.

Extreme sports

Another ning community created with my son Thomas :-).

Semantic web

The configuratio group

The site of the Groupe de Configuration de Marseille uses a specific microformat for bibtex (bibliographic) data.


I contributed to the W3C group on semantic annotation for WSDL (SAWSDL).


I contributed to the EU project Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services (DIP). There, I and several colleagues have studied the automatic composition of semantic web services.