Wuala encrypts your data on your own machine

Files are stored encrypted in the wuala cache, hence remain invisible as long as your account is not active. They are sent encrypted to the network so that even the wuala team cannot view them if you loose your password. When wuala runs, files on your machine remain invisible except from your wuala account window as long as file system integration is disabled.

Wuala protects your data through redundancy

The wuala cloud protects your data against bit rot by storing multiple copies of your file chunks in various places of the network.

Wuala keeps up to 10 versions of each document

It does so, at no memory expense, since the space for the copies is not counted.

Wuala does not use space for duplicates

Files present in multiple copies in your wuala space will only be counted once. This eases the process of setting up a backup or sync from several distinct machines, since you do not need to care for potential duplicates.

Wuala does not upload already known files

Should you decide to backup a file that already exists somewhere in your existing wuala space, nothing will be sent over the wires. This too facilitates the decision of backing up a folder.

Wuala supports searchable file metadata: comments, tags, descriptions

Every file or folder may be subject to a discussion, to adding tags and a text description. Wuala's search engine uses this data to list the replies to a search request.

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The wuala FAQ