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The Fukushima status

This english site releases frequent press communiqués from Nisa, including detailed info about the state of the nuclear plant and current operations. The data is provided by Tepco as part of their obligations.
NISA - Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

Bulletin of the IRSN

This daily update is in french.

Radioactivity measures in France

Criter IRSN

Lists radioactivity level in the air, soils, water, food. Some data is collected very unfrequently. In french.
The Criter restitution web site

Also a very complete site:


Presents a history of measures, updated several times a day, for a large number of sites in france. In french.


The independent organism Criirad monitors radioactivity in the Rhone valley. They will measure soils to correct their contamination models. In french
Balises CRIIRAD - Accueil

Measures outside of France


Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network

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The 'Wuala Fukushima Archive'

I created this public group on Wuala to initiate the collective archival of evidence about the Fukushima disaster. This is also an experiment about the possibilities offered by tools like wuala. You may join wuala and the group to contribute. Feel free to use my referall promocode if you're not already a member: G6NAM4KB6F3C7BM4K4PJ. Note however that I do not make friends on wuala but rather only communicate through groups. Also, I am not involved in any way with wuala :-)

About radioactivity

The clever radiation dose chart

The link below shows that we must be prudent when dramatizing the effects of radioactivity. Do not however confuse irradiation and contamination. The latter consists in absorbing radio elements, which is very toxic, because of a very local effect of radiation on organs..